12 Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Cosy

12 simple ways to make your home more cosy

Home sweet home

How to make your home feel more cosy, warm, peaceful and relaxing.

12 simple ways to make your home more cosy

  1. Contrast!

    Too much in the way of pattern can look messy and create an area which is not relaxing or tidy looking. However, if everything is plain you can lose that cosy homely feel, so getting a good balance is key here. To remain fresh but cosy, tidy and warm, peaceful and relaxing, choose one item to have a pattern or texture, choose either your sofa, curtains or carpet for example. Make sure you pick colours that complement each other.

  2. Lighting.

    If you have the option available to you then dimmable main lights are a great feature to have. Lamps, lamps, lamps, I love lamps dotted around the place, one coffee tables, window cills and floors, they can be coloured to create warmth. Fairy lights also add warmth. Look in your local independent shops for something more unique! I got my amazing Moroccan lamp in Zanzibar in Exmouth

  3. Bean bags!

    Yes, bean bags, you can get ones that match your sofa or even curtains, they can be fabric or leather, but either way it adds cosines to your room. Dunelm in Exeter is a good place to get them or Ikea is coming to Exeter next month.

  4. Warm furniture.

    Pick coffee tables and cabinets made of wood. Modern plain furniture lacks that homely feel leaving your room looking and feeling cold. Older more lived-in furniture gives you a much nicer look if you are looking for that homely feel.

  5. Pictures.

    Choosing pictures with depth and warmth will help your room achieve a cosy feel. Photos in frames which are made from natural materials or ones that look like they are will add to your room.

  6. Fireplace.

    If you have a fireplace use it, stack your logs nearby. In the summer use the area for candles. If you don’t have a fireplace you could create one using an electric one, you can get slim ones these days with nice flame flickering effects.

  7. Candles.

    Candles in lanterns look amazing as well as being a bit safer, these can sit on hard surfaces. Be careful though, never leave unattended.

  8. Artificial flowers.

    Add beautiful colour with artificial flowers dotted around the place, they can sit in vases or on window cills.

  9. Ornaments.

    Vases, globes, candle holders all make great features. Anything to do with nature too, you will probably have seen that stags are huge at the moment. Anything vintage looking too.

  10. Books!

    Books on coffee tables, along the back of sideboards and cupboards, on book shelves, on kitchen counter tops, anywhere that you can fit some. Also, magazines.

  11. Blankets.

    It’s always good to have a blanket nearby living in the country! So, pick a really nice one that you love, wait until there is a sale and pick a good quality textured one.

  12. Slate mats.

    Charcoal coloured slate coasters and mats look great, you can buy round ones, long rectangle ones and square ones. Try putting a large round one under your lamps or candle holders, it’s such a simple trick but has a huge effect on the way your items look on surfaces. Dunelm in Exeter have these.

12 simple ways to make your home more cosy

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