Cat Flaps in Glass Doors and Door Panels

Cat Flap Installation in Glass doors and doors panels.

Did you know that you can order glass or pvc door panels with holes cut for you cat flap? Well you can and it’s a very easy process.

We have found that people particularly in rented accommodation find if difficult to find a solution when wanting to let their kitties in and out as they know they can’t do anything to the properly. However, if the landlord gives permission, we can order a replacement panel for your door with a hole cut to the size of the cat flap you choose and install it leaving you with the original panel to put back when you leave the property.

For homeowners, this gives you the option of having any glass or pvc panel ordered with a cat or dog flap hole in it to make life easier for you and your pet.

We install your panel and cat flap for you. It’s a simple process that takes a short amount of time.

If you would like a quote for a replacement glass or pvc door panel suitable for a cat or dog flap then give us a call on 01395 276047 or you can pop up to see us on Dinan Way Trading Estate, Exmouth.

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