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Composite Doors Exmouth Devon

If you like the look of a traditional timber door, but don’t like having to maintain it, then one of our composite doors is just what you need. They are very strong, come in many different colours and to the eye, look just like a timber door but with the added advantage of having excellent security features! There is no need to paint them... ever!

We offer a wide range of Door-Stop Composite doors, the UK's favourite composite door manufacturer. They have a huge range of options meaning your new door will be completely unique to you, from colour to design, handles to hinges, side-panels to knockers and letterboxes, you get to choose every last detail making the door exactly as you want it.

Some great features of these doors are the thermal efficiency and security factors. They are even reglazable which means if your glass ever got broken you could just have it replaced! There is even a Door-Stop App so you can have a go at designing a door yourself!

Composite Door Panels

Composite Door Panels

You can choose from 7 different designs in 10 colours, with dozens of glass options plus you can have a choice of width. All of which can carry the letterbox.

Door Stop App

Door Stop App

Door-Stop doors cater to both traditional and contemporary tastes, so with the free Door-Stop app you can design a door from a choice of over 100 billion door configurations. Download it from iTunes here...

Colour Options

Composite Door Colour Options

The door can be as individual as you like - Poppy Red, extra glossy for truly vibrant colour, Black-Brown, Duck Egg Blue, Grey, Cream and Chartwell Green, White, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Oak and Darkwood.

Hardware Options

Composite Door Hardware Options

Choosing a Door-Stop door is about you choosing what you want. You can select from one of 4 entirely different furniture suites and lock options.