Interior Options for Guardian Warm Roofs in Devon

Interior Options for Guardian Warm Roofs in Devon. The Highly Insulated Tiled Roof System for Conservatories

Plastered Finish

The most popular internal ceiling finish is plaster. This has a nice bright finish when painted white allowing as much light to be bounced around the room as possible. This finish would be the ideal solution in the case of a conservatory roof replacement as you have become so used to the amount of light from your glass or polycarbonate roof, the white finish will bring the light back into your home.

Above are examples of different colour options people have chosen to decorate their new rooms with, as you can see everyone has their own style, you really can bring it to life with a bit of colour.

Adding roof windows opens up the room allowing more light and ventilation. These high quality windows have lots of great features including Anti-burglary Re-reinforcement. To find out more see Roof Windows.


The Guardian Roof is insulated to full Building Control standard achieving a u value of 0.18w/mk. The insulation consists of 40mm superquilt and 60mm PIR insulation in all foil backed plasterboard application, the same insulation is used in a Timber finish ceiling but a vapour controlled layer is also needed with this. The Guardian Roof is classed as a warm roof construction.

LED Down Lights

Really make your new room feel homely with some low wattage LED down lighters. These can be fitted whilst your tiled conservatory roof is being installed. You'll have a cosy room at night everyone will want to sit in and a lovely garden room to enjoy in the day.


For more information about Replacing your conservatory roof in Devon with a new tiled solid roof system by Guardian Warm Roofs or if you would like us to give you a quotation for a Guardian warm roof system, Contact us today or Download a Brochure here.

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