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At Exe Windows Doors and Conservatories we offer a conservatory roof replacement service which means we can replace just your conservatory roof while leaving your existing windows and doors as they are. We test the structure of your conservatory making sure it is structurally sound, if so then you have the option of replacing your polycarbonte or glass roof with a new, more energy efficient and technically advanced roof.

We use Longlife Multi-wall Polycarbonate sheets when replacing a conservatory roof or just the panels. The polycarbonate sheet is a lightweight insulating glazing material manufactured from damage resistant polycarbonate. Added Longlife protection provides resistance against the effects of UV weathering. Multiwall sheets are available in a range of thicknesses, structures and options for a wide range of roofing, cladding and glazing applications.


There are a wide range of colours including clear, opal, bronze, blue, green, grey and heat guard. Dual tint sheets are also available in heat guard opal, bronze opal and blue opal. The choice of colour ultimately depends on the end result needed. Clear is used where maximisation of light is required. In order to take advantage of the heat build-up generated by the high level of light transmission clear is a popular option in colder climates.

In hot climates other tint options, such as bronze, blue, green or heat guard, are more effective in limiting the amount of light and minimising glare.

Where diffusion of light is required opal is the optimum choice. Opal prevents the sunlight from concentrating on one area, therefore eliminating hot-spots while allowing light into the building to keep it bright. It is a preferred option in supermarkets where it creates a soft light quality considered by many to enhance the retail environment.

Solar Heat Gain

Some control of heat gain within a building can be achieved using glazing materials which are designed to influence the nature and quantity of transmitted light. Bronze and opal white tinting are both effective for solar control, reducing glare by diffusing incoming light and reducing heat gain.

Longlife heat guard is an innovative development in polycarbonate sheeting which limits heat build up through the sheet while transmitting light. It is ideal in any situation where natural light is required but excessive heat build up can be a problem.

The heat guard option utilises a specially developed pigment to significantly reduce heat build up below the roof. Under the sun heat guard acts like a mirror to reflect the heat thus reducing solar heat gain by up to 50%, when compared to other materials. This reduction in solar heat gain can help to reduce air conditioning costs.

Heat guard opal also reduces solar heat gain by up to 50% however, the silvery grey colour is combined with an internal opal surface which creates a white finish and a soft light quality. Heat guard opal has a shading coefficient of 0.32 compared to 0.95 for clear material.

Bronze opal combines a bronze external and opal internal surface.The external bronze surface blends discretely with other roof finishes while the opal internal finish provides privacy and soft light quality. Bronze opal combines the two most popular tint options.

We can replace your whole roof for a new one or we can just replace the polycarbonate units themselves. If you chose to replace your whole roof that would give you the option of changing the design too! This means that you can make your conservatory look like a brand new one! We have changed the design of many of our customers roofs! If you would like to see some examples please see our Gallery or Case Studies pages, they range from small roofs to large ones.

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