So How Energy Efficient is a Guardian Warm Roof? The Snow Test

So how energy efficient is a Guardian Warm Roof? The Snow Test 

Well we have had enough snow in the past 24 hours to test it out and I can tell you that the answer is extremely efficient.

The pictures below are of a Guardian Warm Roof with three Keylite windows and a log burner that has been going for 8 hours! The temperate inside the room is 23 degrees.

You'll see that the whole roof is covered in thick snow without any patches where heat is escaping. You'll also be able to see that the Keylite windows are covered without any patches at all, there are pictures inside and out. In the main picture you can't even tell where the two windows are at the front. You can see a slight outline of the third as it is on the other side facing the wind. Even around the flue has snow covering it.

We already knew this room was extremely energy efficient, but the snow really does prove the point.


  • Guardian Warm roof covered in snow
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