Top Reasons for Replacing a Conservatory Roof

Top Reasons for Replacing a Conservatory Roof

Did you know you can just change your conservatory roof? The existing frames and windows can stay the same providing they are in good condition and of good structure. There are many reasons why someone may choose to replace their conservatory roof such as:

  • Temperature control problems
  • Deterioration
  • Wanting a change of material
  • Noise problems
  • Would like a change of design to make the conservatory look like new
  • Previously badly installed roof
  • Change of use of the room

Temperature Control

Some people find that their conservatories are just too hot or too cold depending on time of year, meaning that they can not use their conservatories as they had originally intended. This can be very frustrating as you have a beautiful room that ends up just being abandoned. The most common causes of bad temperature control are, very old conservatories which maybe didn’t have the options that are available today and the other is that temperature control was not considered or good advice was not offered at the time of installation. There are lots of factors to consider when designing and installing a conservatory such as the positioning of the conservatory and the quality of the products used.


Very old conservatories are inevitably going to deteriorate. But you may find that your roof is in much worse condition than the rest of your conservatory! You frames and windows may look fine but the roof may look unsightly, especially if it is polycarbonate roof. This is because the roof is what takes most of the weathering, beating rain and blazing sun for years. While polycarbonate was popular years ago, glass and even the newer tiled conservatory roof systems are becoming more popular due to the long term benefits and problems they overcome over polycarbonate.

Wanting to change materials

Glass, Polycarbonate or Tiles? Three different materials with different qualities. Polycarbonate has always been used as the cheaper option but still looks good and has solar options. Glass looks fantastic and comes in different tints and solar options. Tiled conservatory roofs are great if you want to change your conservatory into a new usable room! very highly insulated. The material depends on what you would like to use the room for and also how you world like it to look.

Noise problems

Some people want to change their roof due to it being to noisy when it rains, if you have ever sat in or near a polycarbonate conservatory when it is raining you will know how loud it can be! So if you have a conservatory that leads right into your living area or kitchen you may find that this will bother you, but you have a conservatory near the garden not directly onto a living space it may not be an issue. Some people may even like hearing it! The roofs are normally changed to glass which eliminates the noise.

Would like a change of design to make the conservatory look like new

Did you know that if you decide to change your conservatory roof, it does not have to be like for like! You can actually change the design making it look like a brand new conservatory. We have lots of examples of this as we install different designs quite often. You can change your Lean-to roof into a fancy Victorian, not only would it look good on the outside but on the inside too.

Previously badly installed roof

Sadly not every installer has your best intentions at heart! Some people move into their property with an already poorly installed conservatory fitted or sometimes people have been unlucky enough to have a bad fitter talk them into having cheap products at high prices then fitting then with little competence. When this happens you don’t have to abandon the conservatory, it can be fixed or replaced by great people.

Change of use of the room

If you find yourself needing extra space then changing your conservatory into an extension using the Guardian Warm Roof System may be for you! This is a highly insulated tiled conservatory roof replacement option which gives you a solid roof on your existing conservatory frames and windows. The interior can be plastered and painted how you like and with added spotlights and furnishing you have just created a brand new room.

As you can see there are lots of different reason for changing your conservatory roof and many options to look into. We specialise in replacement conservatory roofs and have installed hundreds all over Devon.

We now have a showroom in Exmouth with 2 full size Guardian Warm Roof conservatories along with lots of other products. Search EX8 4RS to find us.

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