The Truth About The Guardian Warm Roof

The Truth about The Guardian Warm Roof  The Truth about The Guardian Warm Roof – Guardian Warm Roof Reviews – Guardian Warm Roof Testimonial | Is A Guardian Warm Roof Really Worth It? | Building ControlTiled Conservatory Roof

When investing a lot of money into something it is always good to do some research into the product you are buying, especially when it is something to improve your home. The Guardian Warm Roof is a product that has taken the industry by storm and claims to save you money and increase the value of your house. There is a lot of marketing material as well as samples and showrooms providing you with all the information you need, this is fantastic because sometimes there is not enough detail or information out there for you. But collecting all the product information is only half of the research you have to do!

Finding out what people who have had these roofs installed have to say is just as important! They can honestly tell you how the installation went, how the product looks and whether it met their expectations, and once they have lived with the product for a period of time they can tell you whether it was worth it and if all the marketing information is true. Reviews are so important for people who want to buy any product, we all do a little research before we spend our money.

So as we have been installing these roofs for quite some time now in Devon, we have put together a list of comments from our customers about the Guardian Warm Roof so you can see for yourself

What our customers have said about the Guardian Warm Roof

“Normally at this time of year it would be getting over warm in there but the new roofing system has already made a difference by keeping the temperature at a more sensible level – and minimizing the noise of the rain!”

“What a difference it has made, our problem was that as the conservatory is south facing it was invariably too hot in summer to be comfortable. Also cold in winter as soon as the roof was fitted the difference has been notable making it more of a sun room. We were worried that having a solid roof would impact on the light in other rooms. This has not been the case and I would recommend anyone considering a new roof to go ahead”

“You have now fitted this Guardian roof and we are delighted with the end result which has made the conservatory a part of the house and looks excellent from the outside as well”

“My wife and I are extremely pleased with the finished article and would be happy to recommend this system to anyone who was thinking of enhancing their conservatory. We chose the Guardian system for the way it looked and its excellent insulation. This improvement will enable us to make better use of the space all year round. We have already noticed a big reduction in the noise levels when it rains.”

“We had the new roof to our conservatory fitted about 2 months ago and we are delighted with it. It has transformed the use of the conservatory and the rest of our house is noticeably warmer.”

As you can see our customers are more than happy with their new conservatory roofs. The main comments we get are about the temperature difference, noise different and the fact that they can now use the room all the time just as if it were an extension, which is exactly what Guardian Warm Roof claim.

In our opinion as installers of the Guardian Warm Roof we would have to agree. We love this product, it is such a great idea and we know the product well enough to say it is a quality one. If the customers are happy then so are we.

If you would like to know more about us as installers then please click here to see what customers say about us personally.

If you are still not sure, pop down to our Guardian Warm Roof Showroom in Exmouth, Devon.

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