Warmcore Folding Sliding Aluminium Doors

Superior Thermal Performance | Hi-Tech Elegance | External Styling | Colour Range | High Strength Construction

Warmcore Sliding Folding Doors Exmouth

If you like the look of a aluminum door but worry about the thermal efficiency, then the Warmcore Folding Sliding Door could be just what you need. They are very strong, have superior thermal performance, hi-tech elegance, beautiful external styling and provide you with a thin clean looking profile with maximum thermal efficiency so you can enjoy your view.

At the heart of WarmCore products is a thermal core which significantly out-performs the polyamide thermal breaks commonly used to reduce the threat of cold bridging on aluminium windows and doors. The result is an innovative “warm aluminum” frame construction, carefully dimensioned to provide an optimised 70mm front-to-back overall sash frame depth while ensuring market-leading thermal performance thanks to the multi-chambered insulating core.

WarmCore has been designed from the ground up to offer market-leading thermal performance, and comfortably meets the requirements of Building Regulations - Part L. Traditional aluminium doors struggle to meet current legislation, forcing you to choose aluminum aesthetics and finish over thermal performance. WarmCore gives you both, with its innovative full width thermal core.

This unique composite construction creates the most thermally efficient folding sliding door in its class. This design philosophy has produced a folding sliding door that has exceptional thermal performance, helping keep fuel bills lower and heat in your home, while retaining the sleek and architectural look of aluminum.

Weather Resistance

Warmcore Sliding Folding Doors Exmouth

Folding sliding door leaves are triple-sealed with contact weatherstrip gaskets to eradicate draughts and ensure excellent weathertightness. Best-in-class weathertightness for all-year-round user comfort. Gasket corner mouldings for sash-to-frame and sash-to-sash applications use a push-fit design to neatly and positively couple with straight-cut gasket lengths for easy application, whilst avoiding any need to overrun gaskets to fill gaps between sashes

Flexible Threshold Options

Warmcore Sliding Folding Doors

Sill options include a WarmCore standard threshold with integral sill, or standard threshold with an additional 150mm thermally-broken aluminium sill.

Colour Options

Warmcore Aluminium Doors

Available in a choice of 4 powder coated colours, WarmCore allows you to pick a different colour for each side of your door. From contemporary Anthracite Grey to Heritage Cream, your choice helps define the personality of your door and helps match the architectural style of your home. Want grey outside with white inside to leave you free to change your interior in the future? – with WarmCore that’s no problem.

Hardware Options

Warmcore Folding Sliding Aluminium Doors

Hardware available in Matt Black, Satin Silver and Brushed Graphite