Guardian Warm Roof FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Q. What is a tiled conservatory roof system?

The Guardian Warm Roof is a complete replacement solid roof for your conservatory and the only replacement roof option available with building control certification. This can transform your conservatory into a whole new room, more energy efficient and a room you can use all year round, almost like an extension to your property but without the hassle!

The roof system is designed to replace your old conservatory roof while retaining the original windows, doors, frames and walls, cause minimal disruption and receiving maximum energy efficacy.

Q. How can this type of roof benefit you?

  • It will improve heat control giving you a U-Value of 0.18 meaning it will reduce your fuel costs and retain heat in the winter
  • You can customise the roof by adding roof Windows, this will add light and ventilation if you wish and there are plenty of external and internal finishes to choose from. Each roof is designed and fabricated specifically for you and your property
  • It could add value to your house, as I mentioned, the room with feel more like a usable extension rather than a conservatory
  • Minimal disruption while installing, the foundations are already in place so it is a case of removing the existing roof and replacing with the Guardian Roof
  • You could have your conservatory transformed within three days
  • High durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Higher guarantee than conservatory roofs
  • Lightweight aluminium frames

Q. Do I need planning Permission to change my conservatory roof for a solid one?

No, this is one of the great things about the solid roof systems, it eliminates the hassle. Building Regulations changed allowing anyone to install a solid roof on their conservatory as long as it meets the criteria.

Q. Will a solid roof improve my conservatory?

If what you are looking for are lower energy bills and a more liveable room all year round then yes! Everyone loves to have a nice open space to sit in but when it comes to winter and it’s too cold it seems a waste, as is a conservatory that is too hot in the summer. So adding a solid roof means you get to keep your nice view from your existing windows and doors, without getting too hot and it will also eliminate glare. In the winter you will be able to use it as you would any other room.

Q. How long will it take to fit?

Between 2 and 5 days depending on the size of your conservatory. See How it Works.

Q. Is the Guardian Roof noisy in the rain and wind?

The solid roof system is exceptionally quiet. One of the downsides to having a beautiful conservatory can sometimes be the noise on rainy days especially when you have a polycarbonate roof.

Q. What is the guarantee on a solid roof system for a conservatory roof replacement?

The guarantee on one of these roofs is 10 years, although the manufacturers guarantee on the roof tiles is 40 years giving you extra peace of mind.

Q. What type of roof style can I have?

The Guardian Roof Systems come in Edwardian, Victorian, Gable and P-Shaped Styles to name a few and you can change the type of style you have now for another if you wish.

Q. Will it match my house?

The Guardian Roof tiles come in two types and in a wide range of colours. We will help you choose the one that matches your own roof tiles.